Introduction to Florida Air Technologies, LLC

By Sundar Mylavarapu

Hi fellow bloggers,

This is our first blog post and we are excited about sharing our expertise with other bloggers.

Florida Air Technologies is an authorized Distributor of Gardner Denver Compressor parts in Western, Central, North Florida & Southeast Georgia.

We offer Gardner Denver’s complete line of air compressors, air dryers, vacuum pumps, air treatment products, lubricants and repair parts.

In addition, we are also an authorized distributor for On Site Gas Systems‘ Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators, Parker Legris-Transair® Advanced Air Piping Systems, Squire-Cogswell Vacuum Systems and Vortron Industrial Blowers.

We have vast and varied qualifications and experience in the compressed air industry with our combined industry experience exceeding 100 years in areas such as Applications Engineering, Business Development, Customer Service, Distributor Relations & Management, Field Service Support, Manufacturing, New Business Development, Product Development, Product Engineering & Sales & Marketing.

With such a unique industry experience, we can now deliver a full array of end-to-end solutions to all our customers in the compressed air industry, including Total System Design, Specification development, Sizing, Equipment Sales, Layout, Maintenance and Rentals.

Your business is our priority. Our outstanding Sales and Service staff can help you decide on how we could deliver solutions that best meet your needs.

About The author:

Sundar Mylavarapu has over 34 years experience in the Compressed Air Industry.

For the past 13 years, he has owned and operated Florida Air Technologies.

Prior to that, Sundar was associated with Flair Corporation (now SPX) for about 10 years as a Senior Manager responsible for Product & Business Development.

At Flair, he was inventor of US Patent No. 5,350,442 in September ‘94 and Canadian Patent No. 2,128,194 in December ’96 (both related to Compressed Natural Gas drying).

Prior to Flair, Sundar was associated with Ingersoll-Rand for over 10 years in Sales & Marketing.

Sundar holds an MS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University.

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